Why Cypress Lawn?



At Cypress Lawn… We Celebrate Life!

What Sets Us Apart

Today, Cypress Lawn is a beautiful garden memorial, a thing of beauty forever perpetuated by the largest endowment in Northern California. Cypress Lawn continues to be the premier provider of remembrance services that has added a new funeral home, cremation, reception, and flower shop facilities to offer complete services to the families of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area communities.

treesWe Don’t Make Promises Lightly

We’ve kept our word for over a century and more. There is no name more well-known, and no reputation more trusted than ours. We share this not to be boastful but to be comforting at a time when you’re yearning for reassurance.

Continuing to Improve

Cypress Lawn cares for families from the entire Bay Area during their time of need. Quite often, distance is a challenge and varying languages are a hurdle. We have overcome both issues.

Cypress Lawn keeps improving as the years pass. It is not only a cemetery but also an enormous indoor and outdoor art gallery, with stained glass, marble sculptures, bronze architectural designs, and impeccable gardens. We recently constructed glass-front niches and are continuing to expand. We offer single gravesites, large family garden and hedge estates, private family lots, upright gardens, lawn crypts, crypts, private mausoleums, and glass-front niches. We are expanding our niches as the cremation rate continues to rise and demand for the niches grow. We have pre-developed land to answer the rise of niches and will meet the needs of the families requesting as they come. Currently, the development of family granite estate ground burials is very popular.