How will your story be told?

The Most Important Question Is Always the Next One

Imagine various members of your family, representing different generations, building your family tree. An Aunt in San Diego. A teenager in Sacramento. A Grandfather in Arizona. Each at different computers and with different recollections and viewpoints to share. Customizing the page with unique graphics, colors, and fonts that fit your family’s personality.

Curiosity leads to discovery. There is nothing more rewarding than discovering a key puzzle piece in your family’s history. Your Cypress Lawn family website is the catalyst for all sorts of answers to those intriguing questions you have been longing to ask.


So Much More Than a Website

With every old family photo, news clipping, or document uploaded, your family timeline will be built automatically on your website. It’s the quilt of your heritage. The fabric of your genealogy.

Your data is privacy protected.  This digital scrapbook can be accessed from anywhere and has unlimited, permanent storage. One safe place for memories, information about family military service, health records, and more. And you only share the website with those you choose, so your privacy is assured.

Along with your family, you will weave a timeline held together by more than dates. It is held together by your exchange of experiences and emotions which will educate future generations that bear your name.