Cemetery Services

Create a Lasting Memorial

It won’t take long for you to discover that nature inspires us. Our man-made structures are designed and created to complement the glory of the land itself. Throughout our rolling hills, we’ve nestled in charming chapels, flowing fountains, and gardens where the urns compete with the petunias for attention. Here you will find lasting ways to memorialize your loved one.

Private Mausoleums

The ultimate in memorialization is a private mausoleum; something just for you and your family.

Indoor Mausoleums

Many prefer mausoleums because they are above ground entombment. Cypress Lawn has options to serve everyone’s taste, including both outdoor and indoor mausoleums.

Outdoor Mausoleums

Select an outdoor private or communal mausoleum to honor you and your loved ones in a dignified, organic fashion.

Cremation Benches

Cremation Benches are urn monuments styled into beautiful bench memorials. Create one to honor your loved one.

Cremation Niches

Select a glass front niche for your loved one’s cremated remains.

Memorialization Plaques

Create a memorial plaque suitable for indoor and outdoor memorialization. These custom-made monuments ensure your loved one’s soul and accomplishments will never be forgotten.

Garden Estates

Allow loved ones to rest together in a custom garden estate. Whether you have a cultural, religious or family connection, design a garden estate so your spirits will always be nearby.

Traditional Ground Burial

We offer an array of ground burial options in our multitude of gardens. Learn about casket and memorialization options.