Urn and Disposition Options

Meaningful Memorialization

Let Cypress Lawn Funeral Home help you make the best cremation selections for your specific wishes and budget.

Select a cremation casket and burial urn for a traditional burial. Our selection room has top quality urns, cremation caskets, urn vaults, keepsake jewelry, and memorial arts at reasonable costs.

If you decide to scatter the cremated remains, you will need a temporary container to protect the cremated remains until the final wishes ceremony. Cypress Lawn Funeral Home will inform you of the California laws regarding scattering.

So many families see the benefit of having a place to come back to or just know where their loved one is. A niche allows the cremated remains to be stored in a weather-protected structure with beauty for families when they return to place new accomplishments or mementos next to where their loved one is interred. It may be leaving a wedding invitation, a recent drawing from a grandchild, or a love bouquet. These small gestures can mean a lot.