Information About Cremation

Simplicity and Peace of Mind

For over a century, Cypress Lawn has provided ease, simplicity, and peace of mind to those in search of dignified cremation. The natural surroundings of our stunning location are only matched by the beautiful and uncomplicated manner in which we deliver quality cremation services.

Our Cremation with Confidence mantra is a 10-step process unmatched in the industry. It serves as our guarantee of outstanding service and professional practices. More importantly, it serves as your reason to trust us unconditionally.

From understanding that all cremations are done right here on-premise, in our state-of-the-art cremation center, to making sure all the proper, legal paperwork is prepared and filed. Hundreds of years have proven that before we can earn your cremation business, but we must first earn your confidence.

If you are interested in cremation without a service, you can still use the cremation services provided by Cypress Lawn, or you can utilize Cypress Lawn Cremation Society. Since opening the first crematory in Northern California in 1893, Cypress Lawn continues to be the most trusted cremation provider in San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you would like more information on Cypress Lawn’s Cremation Society, please visit our website

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