• “Dancing on the Brink of the World”

    A Photo Blog Series Showcasing the Diversity of Global Plantings of the Monterey Cypress Volume I: Memorial On Cypress Lawn’s first Arboretum Day, November 18, 2020, we will embrace the singular healing act of planting trees. We do so as a memorial, as a living tribute to the many souls that have been lost in …
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  • Cemetery Options to Consider

    For well over a century, our staff at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park has witnessed firsthand the extensive comfort families find in being about to have a permanent place they can to return to following the loss of a loved one. They regard this as a special place to connect with their loved …
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  • Arboretum Day: November 18th, 2020
    Cypress Lawn Arboretum

    Dearest friends, neighbors, and tree-lovers near and far — It is my honor to extend to you a cordial virtual invitation to the first annual Arboretum Day here at Cypress Lawn Arboretum & Botanical Gardens on Nov. 18, 2020.  As a celebration of life befitting the lasting legacy of our Memorial Park, where trees have …
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  • What’s New at Cypress Lawn: Virtual History Tour

    Virtual Tour Take Tour   Virtual Tour Video: Murder, Mayhem & Museums View Video The storied origin of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park dates back to 1892 when our founder, Hamden Holmes Noble, drew inspiration during a carriage ride. At that time, the future of San Francisco’s cemeteries was in question, as cemeteries …
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  • How We Honor Multicultural Traditions at Cypress Lawn

    As members of the Bay Area community, it is a true honor to be able to experience firsthand the vast variety of cultures and religions our area has become known for. At Cypress Lawn, it has remained our priority over the years to have staff members who can understand and identify with the needs of …
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  • What’s Next at Cypress Lawn: Virtual Tree Tours

    Hello all! We here at the Cypress Lawn Arboretum would like to cordially invite you to experience our new virtual Tree Tour of our living collection, featuring several of the grandest and oldest tree specimens growing today at Cypress Lawn. Click here to explore this virtual experience for yourself! Start the Tree Tour Here With …
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  • Acute Loss: 7 Keys to Healing Following a Loss

    The COVID-19 pandemic has completely uprooted our daily lives, routines, and rituals — including the way we grieve the loss of our loved ones. Because of the present circumstances, navigating grief is proving to be more difficult than ever before. Many of us aren’t able to “get back to normal” and “move on” because there …
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  • Discover the History Behind Cypress Lawn’s Columbariums

    By Terry Hamburg, Director of the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation A columbarium is structure that holds only cremated remains. This original columbarium on the East Campus of Cypress Lawn — the first in the United States to be built inside cemetery grounds — dates from 1893, a year after Cypress Lawn opened. There was space …
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  • Noble Chapel: A Beautiful, Historic Treasure at Cypress Lawn

    The Noble Chapel you behold today is a 2016 restoration of the original 1893 structure. This restoration was painstakingly pursued in order to return this chapel as closely as possible to the appearance and specifications of the original structure.

  • Navigating the Pandemic with Courage: Meet Alexandra Petrini

    Alexandra Petrini says she prefers staying behind the scenes – so families who visit Cypress Lawn might not always get a chance to meet her, but they are certainly impacted by her work. Petrini is a licensed embalmer and serves as the Preparation Room Manager at Cypress Lawn.