Tiffany Chapel

Sophisticated and Stunning

The main chapel of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home is the Tiffany Chapel. The sanctuary is warm and bright as natural light shines through the expertly executed stained glass windows.

Suitable for All Your Needs
The space accommodates 180 people and is designed to meet the needs of modern families wanting a unique memorial for their loved ones. This room is incomparable in beauty with its comfortable padded seating, light peeking through the modern stained glass reflective of all faiths, and an entry way enclosed in glass so those that need to leave the chapel with small children or other problems or who are arriving late can still be part of the service without disturbing others. But, the reason many choose the Tiffany Chapel is because families can fully utilize the private rooms, the reception center and the welcome center. Families who want a time to gather before or after the service find this room ideal. Or, one of the other rooms from the Center ideal.

State of the Art Audio and Visual Equipment
Multimedia options are available for recording of all services. We have multimedia available via laptop for streaming of services or if you want to play a CD/DVD presentation. The Tiffany Chapel is equipped with 2 x 65” Displays DVD player, VGA connection and Webcast Service is available. Wifi access available upon request.

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