Noble Chapel

Over a Century of Splendor… A Restored Masterpiece.

Created in 1892, our Noble Chapel is named after Cypress Lawn’s founder, Hamden Holmes Noble. A true work of art, the sanctuary has stunning stained glass and brickwork and accommodates 60 people.

Architect Thomas Paterson Ross patterned the chapel after St. Giles Church in Stoke Poges, England, the site where Thomas Gray wrote his famous 1751 poem, “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.”


Original Noble Chapel 1893-2014

This historical masterpiece provides an intimate private setting for a funeral or memorial service. Inside, the facility has charming indoor gardens to provide comfort to family and friends. Sometimes families want to return to the chapel for a prayer or quiet time as they remember their loved one.

A Multi-Million-Dollar Matrimony of Glass, Stone, Oak & History.
It’s been said that history is worth repeating itself. Such is the very reason have chosen not only to save the Noble Chapel, but to rekindle its intimate posture and enduring character. With the bulldozers at bay, the painstaking yet virtuous task of salvation was launched. And now, some countless months later, we witness a true revival or architecture. An intersection of form and function. Of pride and passion. A noble cause indeed.

Bringing Family & Friends Together.
Life’s big moments need a place to happen. And the newly restored Noble Chapel is indeed a happening place. Bound to be in high demand, here is a space of special significance that has the knack for drawing family and friends closer through its stately yet comfortable aura. Whether it’s for two hearts joining, a lone heart leaving, or many hearts celebrating, you’ll find this address the perfect size for all of life’s big moments.

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